We offer equipment that meets your needs, including plating equipment and various manufacturing equipment.

One-stop system to meet "reliably" to your needs.

We deal with a wide range from various spot plating to full plating.

C to C type material / Coil type material

Full Plating
Full/Interface Plating
  • Liquid level control type
Full/Spot Plating
  • Spot type
Stripe/Plating・Spot Plating
  • Drum type
  • Press type
  • Brush type
  • Interface(liquid level control) type
  • Taping type
Etching Equipment
Film/Laminator/Ni plating Equipment

Strip type material / S to S

Full Plating Equipment
Spot Plating Equipment

Plated position and sealing method

Component technologies composing the automatic plating equipment

  • Supply and stacking
  • Alignment
  • Transport
  • Unwinding-Rewinding
  • Insertion and elimination
  • Cleaning
  • Chemical treatment
  • Drying
  • Positioning
  • Inspection
  • Pasting
  • Jig Mask


  • Component mounting Equipment
  • Product Stacking Equipment
  • Parts Alignment Equipment
  • Parts alignment Equipment
  • Card feeder


  • Water quality improvement Equipment
  • Oil Eecovery Equipment
  • Container Cleaning Equipment
  • Mercury recovery unit
  • Gas decomposition furnace
  • Surface reformer


  • Simple Inspection System
  • Silicon Processing Mask
  • Printing Method Mask
  • Electrodeposition mask
  • UV-LED exposure machine